VIRTUAL ASSISTANT n. (typically abbreviated to VA) is an entrepreneur who provides professional business support to clients.  These highly experienced and skilled professionals operate remotely from their own offices utilizing modern technology to deliver their services.

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​​At Miss Moneypenny, we understand 

that business owners have a lot to

juggle.  We also know that spending time developing your business isn't always easy when you have all those everyday tasks to organize first.



Miss Moneypenny offers your business an extra

pair of hands on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis.  

Delegate anything from a few hours of support

each week to help stay on top of things, right through

to sales support, event management, invoicing, proof

reading, travel planning -- or a bit of everything. We

                                           offer services by the hour or

                                           time  bundle to meet your 

​                                           specific needs.

                                           Whatever support you need, you

                                           can rely on Miss Moneypenny to be

                                           true to its name: Professional,

                                           confidential, unflappable, and highly


Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Pareto's Principle

The 80-20 Rule

Pareto believed that

if you focus your time

and energy on the top

20% of the tasks that will

deliver 80% of your results,

you'll be more successful and enjoy a better quality of life.  Miss Moneypenny can help you live by this rule. 

That's why Miss Moneypenny offers virtual support services to business owners and entrepreneurs. By delegating your day-to-day tasks to us, you can concentrate on what matters most -- developing your business.

Browse our site and give us a call. You'll be glad you did.